• New student referral promotion event

  • Event duration: 1st October 2020 - 31st December 2020.

    Promotion: For currently enrolled students, $50 discount off fees for every new student* enrolled due to referral by the currently enrolled student.

    How to obtain promotional fees discount:

    1. Refer a new student to register at HCL.

    2. The new student must include referee's registered HP number at HCL in the registration form. The HP number will be the only means of validating the referee's claim for discount.

    *Terms and Conditions:

    1. A new student is defined as a student that has never been enrolled at HCL for any course. Past students who have withdrawn will not be considered as new students.

    2. The promotional discount is non-transferable to other parents.

    3. The promotion is applicable at all HCL Education branches islandwide.

    4. The promotional discount is only applicable after the referred student starts classes.

    5. HCL Education Centre Pte Ltd reserves all rights to interpretation to the promotion.