• Dear Parents,

    Firstly, we would like to thank you for your continued support for HCL Education Centre. As the examinations approach, we wish your child all the best in the upcoming examinations.

    The timetable for 2023 has been finalized and updated on the HCL website. There are a few announcements to be made in this letter; please take note of the details below.

    • 1. Courses for 2022 will officially terminate on 20st November 2022(SUN). The new school year will commence on 26th December 2022(MON).

    • 2. If your child is a pre-existing student at HCL in 2022 and wishes to progress to 2023 courses without a change in lesson timings, his/ her place will automatically be reserved for the 2023 class of a similar timing, there is no need to complete any form, except 2022 K2 classes. 2022 K2 classes students will need to select a new timing. Most of 2023 classes might be a bit different between 5 - 15mins of your child’s 2022 class timings, but few classes will have completely different timing. Parents of these students will be separately notified of the change.

    • 3. Some new classes are available in 2023. Please refer to the timetable on the HCL website for a list of these classes. If you wish to switch to another class timing in 2023, please complete the related form on the HCL website. We will make arrangements for your child if there are vacancies in your preferred class. Your child will have priority in switching to newly opened classes. These classes are more likely to have vacancy.

    • 4. Due to reduced class sizes in response to Covid-19, certain class change requests may not be proceed immediately and you will be placed on our waiting list.

    • 5. The deadline for class change applications would be on 28th SEP 2022.

    • 6. We will not accept class change applications made by phone call.

    • 7. The teacher assigned to each class will be finalised by the end of December. If your child attends more than one course, you may check if the courses are taught by the same teacher through the teacher’s code indicated in the timetable.

    • 8. If your child wishes to withdraw from the course, a 4 lesson notice must be given before withdrawal, commencing from the submission of the withdrawal form. This notice excludes periods of HCL holidays when no lessons are conducted. Notice by phone call, messages or other related forms of notice will not be accepted. If withdrawal procedures as stated above are not followed, we will not be able to refund the deposit.

    • 9. Your child’s tuition fees might be adjusted start from 2023(Term 1). N1-P6 will be affected, S1-S4 remain but S1-S4 class duration will be reduced from 2 hours 20 mins to 2 hours. More details you can refer to our lastest 2023 timetable or call your respective branches for more information.

    Once again, HCL thanks you for your support. You may call our respective branches for enquiries.

    Yours sincerely,

    HCL Education Centre Pte Ltd